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Following the footsteps of his great-grandfather who sold wine in neighbouring Switzerland, Silvano Nobili, a former employee of a local financial institution, revived his family’s ancient tradition, and in 1988 he printed the first labels which included the family coat of arms dating  back to 1591. He transmitted his passion and love for winemaking to his son Nicola, who took the reigns of the company in 2001 and further developed it. Nicola Nobili spends his working day between the vineyard and in the cellar,  as well as overseeing the marketing and sales of his products.

The refined Inferno Nobili is a wine made from grapes from the Rhaetian terraces of Poggiridenti, sloping down the hill dominated by the church of the Carmine, in the “Second level of Hell “


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Valtellina Superiore DOCG


  • Grape percentage: 100% Nebbiolo (Chiavennasca)
  • Colour: ruby red.
  • Bouquet: fresh and fruity. Forest fruits,
    aromatic herbs and spices prevail.
  • Flavour: dry and vaguely tannic.


Il Montescale

  • Grape percentage: 100% Nebbiolo(Chiavennasca)
  • Colour: ruby with garnet tendencies.
  • Bouquet: hints of dried cherry and grapes in
    syrup , balsamic notes characterise the
    intriguing scents of this Valtellina Superiore.
  • Flavour: It offers the palate traces of small red
    fruits with a warm, full-bodied and full flavour.

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Only the finest grapes selected from the vineyards of the Nobili estate are destined to be dried for at least three months on wooden racks, in sunny and breezy fruit lodges. 

This wine, made from estate vines in the town of Sondrio in the Sassella subzone, is the result of careful and delicate cultivation and selection phases up to ageing.


Annual production n . bottles

Valtellina Superiore DOCG


  • Grape percentage : 100% Nebbiolo (Chiavennasca)
  • Colour: ruby red.
  • Bouquet: intensely fruity with notes of
    spices and dried forest fruits, with a hint of
    dried almonds which add to its complexity.
  • Flavour: harmonious, good intensity with
    persistent tannins that offer long lasting final
    sensations and a pleasantly gritty character.

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